Wednesday in October

Hello there!

It is the middle of the week, and we are slowly approaching Halloween. I thought it would be fun to tell you guys and gals of an event that has happened to me in the past. Yes, it is a spooky one! I was saving it for the day of Halloween, but I have a bunch of phenomena that have happened.

Let’s start with the least scary and work our way up come Halloween!

I was about 13 years old and sleeping over a friends house. She had told me that her home had been occupied by other things besides her family. I scoffed at the idea of there being an actual ghost in her home. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the afterlife, I just thought she was pulling my leg. You know? Sleepover silliness that goes on all the time. You try and freak out your guest so they stay awake longer and you can torture them with nonsense. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, I was ready to play along.

We sat in front of a candle in her living room, and yes we were home alone. She had told me that she read somewhere “if a spirit is near, they will move the flame when you ask it a question”. Going into the kitchen and grabbing her mother’s lighter, she lit the candle and we sat. None of us said a word as we watched the flame stand still. The light was on so I jokingly told her to turn it off – she listened. When she sat back down she asked, “is anyone here?” The flame began to dance around, but I was not amused.

“It’s your breath when you speak. Plus you moved a bit so there’s that.” Rolling her eyes she placed her hand over her mouth and asked again. This time she moved away from the flame to make sure she did not disturb it. The flame danced a bit to the right and slowly stopped.

“If you are a boy move left. If you are a girl move right.” She asked. The flame moved to the left and a chill went up my spine, but it was still too hard to believe.

Her mother ended up coming home and asked what we were doing playing with a candle and to stop. She told us to go be normal and play with dolls or something. We thought it was funny because we knew she was only poking fun at us.

It must’ve been about 9pm, and we had just finished making her “My scene” Barbie dolls fight her “Bratz” dolls. I won’t say who won, but as we played the radio had been on. We were listening to z100. I remember it clear as day. One by one the dolls were being put back into place, and then a song came on we both knew. We started to sing along when the station suddenly changed. It kept changing rapidly from station to station, only allowing us to catch certain words and phrases. We freaked out a bit and ran to her bed.

“Its the ghost.” She squealed. I thought it was funny, even though I was about to pee my pants. She was laughing as well, but we both knew if we were alone we would be screaming for our mothers. “What do you want?” She asked. The radio skimmed a few stations and we caught, “help me get”. We were so stunned that we stood there. The radio went back to z100 and we decided to stop engaging for the rest of the night.

It happened a few more times and we got annoyed at that point. We were jamming out to our favorite song at the time and it changed we both got mad and said “Hey! Put that back!” And it did.

Since then more stuff has happened in that house to her, me, and other members of her family. Thankfully she moved to a different house since then.

Oh! By the way, we are still very close friends today. It was her birthday just a few days ago! Cheers to the birthday girl!

Happy Halloween!Her name is Destinee

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