Protected: Happy Halloween

In my family, there is a lot of different religions and beliefs. We have Catholic, Christian, and Wiccans. I am blessed that they all get along…most of the time (85%). My Great-Grandmother used to do Santeria and Brujeria, along with other family members. I’m not sure How much they practiced, but during the day she was Catholic. This was passed down to her children, which she had 8 of. My Great-Grandmother was born in 1914 and passed away in 2009. My grandmother, her daughter, and her sisters made a packed that the firstborn would do it too. My mother was first born. The way it worked was you had a spirit with you – a guide. You either had a gypsy or a native. Given the fact that my family has Taino roots, my mother had a native spirit. Every time she would get upset or fight someone, she would black out. People told her that her eyes would change color and everything. Eventually, when my older brother was born, my mom had to deal with chasing shadow people away from him. His cries at night would wake her to a man standing over his crib. Her and my grandmother got out of this and baptized my brother under the Catholic religion as protection. I believed that my great-grandmother was out of this as well, as she prayed every day and night. She was constantly talking about Jesus to my grandmother and mother. So, it is no surprise that when I was born, my mother quickly baptized me as well under the Catholic religion.

I know nothing of the Catholic customs, just that it is similar to Christianity (Christians do not pray to Mary). As I got older my mother and grandmother switch religions to becoming Christian. I know a bit more about that than being Catholic. One of my favorite (and I know it’s wrong to have favorites, but oh well) cousins Angel, is a Wiccan. I was curious about that side of my family because my mother never really spoke about it. Before anyone jumps in, Wiccans are not bad people. They do not worship Satan or anything crazy like in the movies. The Wiccans I have met were very sweet and colorful. They worship mother earth. The Wiccan bible intrigued me, and I noticed it was similar standards to the Christian Bible, but I just wanted to have some kind of knowledge and insight on his perspective.

Now we fast forward to 2009. The horrible year of my great-grandmothers last days. She had a dresser and attached was a mirror. It sat by her bedside and was a decent size. She was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Every day at a certain time she would wake and scream that the man is here to get her. The man wanted to hurt her. My grandma and her sisters prayed for her until she passed out. I knew nothing of these occurrences so I can’t give full detail. I only found out after the incident that occurred in my home after. So, every day around the same time she would point up at the mirror and scream that he was coming for her. The day of her death the family went to say goodbye. It was requested that she spent her last days at home, so that is where she died. I watched as they put her in a body bag and carried her off. I was upset. At that moment the entire world stopped and I heard nothing but the silent tears of my family. She was the piece that held us all together. Since her death, I have not seen more than half of my family.

As usual, people took some of her belongings to have a piece of her forever. I took her nightgown because it still had her scent on it. My dresser was broken, so my grandmother claimed it to give it to me. After mourning for about 2-3 weeks, I was ready to get the dresser. After setting it up and putting my clothes in it – perfect! At least that’s what I thought. I suffer from night terrors all the time, but the ones I got were different after that mirror and dresser were placed in my room.

I have family issues, most stemming from my father not really being there for me when I was younger. At one point in my life, I felt like a mistake and I wanted to die. I was over it by this time so I was confused at my dreams…

There was a voice that told me I was nothing. That I would never be anything and that I was worthless. It told me to kill myself and to stay alone because everyone around me was fake and they hated me. The voice sounded so familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint who it was…not until my father randomly texted me that he loves me. I woke up and my heart dropped, because he sent me the text as I started to believe this thing. I knew it wasn’t my father and he was a changed man. I wrote back to the text and went back to bed. The problem? I couldn’t sleep so I stood up and was horrified to see my body still asleep. Then I heard a dog bark and I looked towards the mirror. It sounded like my cousin Joey calling me. Somehow I knew it wasn’t a good idea to walk into the mirror, but I did it anyway. I walked right in up these narrow stairs and into a weird apartment that looked unfamiliar to me. Joey had a chair in his hand and yelled that he could not close the door before they got in. I ran to the other door and tried to close it, but this big black dog jumped in. I ran around the table that was there and out the door. Now I was in an alleyway. I felt like I was being watched and it was super dark. When I looked behind me I saw 3 tall dark figures of what looked like men. I knew they were evil I could see it emanating off of them, and they were darker than the night itself.

I turned and started running. I saw an opened window down the alleyway and ran for it. They chased me and I could feel them right behind me. They were on me. I jumped through the window and I was back in my room. I was so exhausted but I went back into my body and woke to stare at the mirror for hours. Every time I looked at the clock it was 3A.M… This went on for a month until I broke down crying to my mother who admitted she was being attacked as well. Sometimes I wished I had never opened my mouth because I had to relive this every night. I fought the urge to go inside but I couldn’t help myself. I was in a trance until…well…they almost got me…

I was climbing out of the window and they gripped my leg. I pulled free and felt the warmth of their nails digging into me. I let out a scream but managed to break free and I woke up. I didn’t know what was real anymore. I just knew he was the man my great-grandma was talking about because I looked at my leg and had 3 long scratches on it. I started to hear laughing in my room and I became overwhelmed. I thought I was awake. I saw him in the corner of my room just laughing. I saw no face, only eyes darker than anything I’ve ever seen and the whitest teeth that almost blinded me. I was too shocked and angry to move. I wasn’t even scared anymore, I just wanted to sleep.

Eventually, I was able to move and I ran to my mother and woke her. The next morning my grandmother was upset. She looked me in the eyes and said sorry to me. She said she should have known better than to bring that into the house. She said it wanted me. I told her I want that dresser out of here. We moved the mirror from the dresser and placed it in the hallway until we were ready to put it outside. We lived in an apartment building with no elevator so we were being lazy (I know it’s horrible!). The nightmares changed to me being attacked. I was just happy I didn’t go inside the mirror anymore. I wanted the dresser out as well so I put all my clothes on the floor. The dresser and the mirror stood in the apartment for another month until my uncle got tired of it. It was bothering him as well. So he took both and put it outside.

Things still linger there, my mother told me activity picked up again. I am amazed that her and my grandmother are so strong that they still stay. The thing that bothers me is that someone took the dresser and the mirror. I guess they thought it was nice. I hope every day that they are okay…

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