I’m sorry. Sorry for causing pain. Sorry for pushing you away. Sorry for hurting you causing you to hurt me. Sorry you lost friends and lovers. Sorry you feel the need to love me. Sorry I cry every other day because I long for you.

Sorry for giving you my heart and sorry for breaking apart. Sorry I’m not strong enough and sorry I’m so emotional. Sorry that you hate my voice and how I speak. Sorry that I trusted you and showed you who I really am.

Sorry that I changed and shut down. Sorry I became depressed. Sorry that I’m still sad. Sorry that I see her lips on you every time my eyes are shut. Sorry for being insecure. Sorry that I don’t change.

Sorry you hold back thinking you need to because of me. Sorry I feel incomplete. Sorry you don’t want to hear anything that comes out of my mouth about how i feel when it comes to us.

Sorry that us is so broken and cracked that I feel so alone even though you are right there. Sorry I feel so distant and gone. Sorry you were into her while with me. Sorry that I’m not over it.

I’m sorry that I wanna die. I’m sorry that I’m not alive. I’m sorry that I love you but I’m not sorry that I fell. Scraped knees will heal…

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