Sometimes I feel like my job is a giant daycare…

When it comes to work, I like to ensure my job is done. If you mess me up, I will say something. When we had a meeting, (I work in operations), I addressed that the returns team keeps losing the labels I make for them. So, the woman in charge got mad and started yelling at me after the meeting. She told me that if I am going to attack her then she is going to tell on me too. I told her that I was not trying to get anyone in trouble. My boss even said it wasn’t too big of an issue because we can come up with ways to fix it, (and I did because I’m amazing and love working), but this woman insisted that she get me in trouble for anything she could find. So, she sends me an email referring to a document, asking me for an update on it. It was number 19 on the list, according to her, and she wanted me to look into it. I went on my list and screen grabbed the information for her. I told her that I had given her a label in January for this order to return to the customer. She printed it out…

Next thing I know, her and my boss are in my office asking me why I sent her information about one order, if she was asking about another. So I asked them what they meant, and before they could explain I opened my list and showed her what I screen grabbed. My boss said that the order number was different from the email subject line order. So I became angry. Do not mess with my job!!! I started explaining and presenting facts. I told her, “You’re holding the paper. Look at what she asked me.” I pointed at the reference she gave me and said, “I have a big list here. She asked me for 19, so I gave her 19. I am not looking at the order number if she references the number of the list.” So my boss turns to her and asks her if she has 19 in the warehouse. She says yes. SO I, BEING NICE AND PETTY say, “Well why is it still back there if I gave you a label back in January?” Her face flushed. She didn’t know what to say so right there I reprinted the label, gave it to her, and asked if there was anything else they needed. My boss turned to her and said, “You are the one that needs to be careful. Make sure you pay more attention.”

Now, I remember I am trying to stay positive, so I plant a huge smile on my face and ask, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” At this point she was fuming. My boss assured me that they were done talking to me and that I was doing a good job. The woman didn’t look at me for the rest of the day.

Yup, very childish people at my job.

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